African-American Scientists

Question of the Week:
Choose one of the African-American Scientists in the ppt and do some further research. Post a short summary about what you have learned.

1) At least 100 words
2) Paragraph Format

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African-American Scientists

Postby Alex Thurston » Fri Jan 20, 2017 7:23 pm

George Washington Carver was an African-American botanist and an inventor. He was born into slavery in Missouri in the early 1860's (his exact date of birth is unknown due to the lack of records kept on slaves). Carver is best known for his development of many different uses for the peanut. He developed over 100 different products including dyes, plastics, and gasoline. When the civil war ended Carver was able to return to his family and began school, he went all through high school and even attended Iowa State Ag. College, which he was finally expected into after being turned down many times. In 1896 Carver was hired at Tuskegee Institute to run the ag. department. Carver and his students researched and discovered many new and brilliant things in the ag. industry. Such as, the development of new cash crops for farmers in areas already flooded with cotton. Due to his many inventions and innovations Carver's program became a nationally renown department and Institute. Carver's ground-breaking research brought him to national prominence. Carver passed away in 1943. He is viewed as one of the most famous African-Americans and a great role model for younger generations to follow.

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