Week 7: Toxic Elements

Question of the Week:
Read the following 2 articles:

**NYT article "Their Soil Toxic, 1100 Residents Scramble to Find New Homes" (http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/31/us/le ... .html?_r=2)
**Digital Prindle Post article "Absent Perpetrator and Actionless Bystander in East Chicago" (on website & http://www.prindlepost.org/2016/09/perp ... t-chicago/)

Answer the Following Questions:
1. How did the soil in East Chicago become toxic?
2. Who, if anyone, should be held accountable? If so, how?
3. Should the people living at the site be compensated? If so, how?

1. Answer the three questions.
2. Reference the articles in your response.
3. Collins Type 3 - Paragraph format at least 100 words.
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