Week 21: Food Security

Question of the Week:

In no less than 500 words, analyze the issue of food security with respect to Benton County. Do we have food security issues in this county? If so, describe how we define food security and how it specifically applies to Benton County.

IF YOU DO NOT believe we have a food security issue here, choose a location within the United States that you believe does have a food security issue and talk about that instead.

You should address:
1. What is food security?
2. How does it apply to the area you've chosen?
3. How do GM (genetically modified) crops play a role in the future of food security, and do you believe they should?

Please use the articles provided to you in class, as well as Chapter 9 in your textbook, for your information.

Replies should be no less than 100 words and directly engage the writer's essay.

NEW TOPIC DUE: Friday 1/13/17
2 REPLIES DUE: 1/16/17
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